Partnership for Success! 2014 - off and running

The students, interns, and teachers in this summer's Partnership for Success! have had a fun-filled and productive first two weeks. At Chandler, 65 boys (rising 5th and 6th graders) are spending their days building their skills in math, language arts, hands-on science & engineering, and technology classes, while also take electives in chess and photography. We can't leave out the traditional Friday afternoons at the pool, followed by Popsicles and a competitive game of war ball! At Westridge, the 62 girls (also 5th and 6th graders) are taking courses in language arts, math/technology, and life science. They are enjoying daily PE, as well as taking electives such as "Artsy Smartsy" and "Acting Up". They have already had one pool day and are looking forward to a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Mayfield Junior School's 58 rising 7th graders are taking technology, math, language arts, and science classes, along with daily PE, in which they are riding snake boards and playing the same time! At Poly, students are divided by grade level, and take three core classes each day. Each grade level has a math class and an English class, plus a third class that tackles a subject from a new perspective. Examples include Cultural Understanding (8th grade), Studio Art (9th grade), Global Issues: Human Rights (10th grade), a study of Revolutions in Mexico, China, and Russia (11th grade), and a course on resiliency (12th grade). The seniors are also taking a college counseling class that will guide them through the college application process. More to come in future posts regarding electives, field trips, and special events! Please follow us on Twitter @pfspasadena and Like us on Facebook to get future updates, both during the summer and throughout the academic school year.