Partnership for Success! helps selected Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) students realize their full academic and personal potential in a setting that fosters community, collaboration, and confidence.


  • Demonstrate strong academic potential
  • Demonstrate interest in their own personal development
  • Are likely to choose academic challenge for the summer
  • Are on-track with their current grade level
  • Have limited financial resources

Participants commit to:

  • Hard work
  • Consistent attendance
  • Personal growth
  • Giving back


Program History

Partnership for Success! is a collaboration between private and public schools in Pasadena providing a fully-funded summer enrichment program designed to help students realize their academic goals and learn the skills needed for a brighter future. Founded in 1990, the program brings together experienced teachers, dedicated support staff and alumni, and promising young students for a transformative educational experience with proven long-term results.

Partnership for Success! complements PUSD efforts by emphasizing academic rigor and consistency. This dynamic program spans nine consecutive summers. Selected by their school principals, 430 Pasadena public school students immerse themselves in a well-balanced curriculum including math, science, technology, and language arts. Furthermore, students receive academic tutoring and college counseling.

Drawing on expertise, resources, and support from public and private schools, Partnership for Success! is committed to preparing Pasadena's next generation of engaged, productive citizens. Each year over 90% of students return to the program, and 100% of students who have completed the program graduate from high school. In addition, over 90% of Partnership for Success! graduates advanced to college.